Eugene Trip: Wineries and Glass Blowing!


Andrew and I had exactly two days after his brother left and before he started his new Monday through Friday job that will literally mean we never have a day off together until maybe mid September. I had purchased a Living Social deal for a glassblowing class for him back in April as a birthday present and we decided to finally use it! While down there, we figured we’d tour a few wineries and I got a great package from Valley River Inn that included free tasting at several local wineries, a bottle of wine in the room, and breakfast for two at their restaurant on the river.

Lovely view at our first stop: Noble Estate Winery

I'm only pretending to drink this glass of wine... I was the driver! I tasted but didn't order anything while we were out 🙂


Sweet Cheeks was next... there 6 wine tasting tour is always free and they were the cutest winery in my opinion.

You can even bring your own picnic!


King's Estate Winery was the largest. My favorite thing there was all the lavender fields! It smelled amazing.



We ended our day with excellent thai food, a sip of more wine in the room, a dip in the pool, and a soak in the hot tub. It was such a nice day! So refreshing to go to a nice hotel after our awful experience in Chicago.

The next day, after breakfast and a walk along the river, we headed downtown to our glass blowing workshop!

The studio was full of awesome pieces of art:


These mugs weren't blown glass, but were some of my favorites!

These were pretty funny too...

Love these too!




Almost done...

These giant oven mitts were pretty fun 🙂

Andrew made a beautiful green bowl!

Thats it for now, I’m headed out for a jog before it starts looking rainy again!

xo/ Nikita


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I live, work, study, and of course cook in Portland. I find nature continuously inspiring and love verdant pacific northwest for its lush and wild charm. I love cooking, baking, drawing, painting, photography, running, yoga, and spending time with people I care about. I believe in eating real food: minimally processed, no weird additives, heavy on the fresh produce and whole grains. I also believe in eating delicious food. Healthy food should be creative, inspiring, and yes taste good! While I strive to make healthful recipes, I never sacrifice taste for "low cal" or "low fat." Everything in moderation is key! I hope to share some of my recipes and thoughts on food or heath issues here. Enjoy :)

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    • Aww, thanks! Yea I was so impressed with the whole glassblowing process- I hope I can do it again! Haha can’t you just imagine how fun it would be to drink from one of those mugs?

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    chanced upon your space while blog hopping..
    lovely space you have..
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